27.10.17 – 4.11.17 Julius Gabele / Reisefotografie

Julius Gabele is a 24-year-old travel and fashion photographer based in Augsburg, Germany and Barcelona, Spain.

The photo series called „What Went Down // 2015-2017“ is some sort of a loose collection of shots taken throughout the last three years of traveling mainly around Europe and Northern Africa – weekend trips to cities like Sevilla, Stockholm and Paris and entire seasons spent in rural Morocco and Gran Canaria. Some shots were taken during short breaks in between assignments on a busy street, others were planned for weeks. Some were shot on film, some digitally. Some shots are of strangers, some of close friends. Despite the tremendous differences between the locations and the conceptual approach, the photos share a very similar sense of calmness.


Vernissage am 27.10. mit dem Konzert von Ala Cya